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Bad Choice

This is a story about a hacker from Germany who after becoming of age goes to New York to meet the woman that he has been conversing with online.

After arriving in NY he discovers that the woman is just that, a grown woman and he is a mere kid. The pair enter into an adulterous relationship because not only is she a grown woman who lied to him about her age, but her marital status as well. This story goes down hill after that.

I found that every character involved, overwhelmingly lacked good moral characteristics. The protagonist had a difficult life and made many bad decisions but never learned from any of them.

I felt as though this was a compilation of many stories, that for me did not translate into a well written story line. I also found some of the verbiage was a bit preachy as well as racist in content.

As an avid reader, I appreciate that there are different writing styles and wish this author further success.

Book Reviews

A New Generation of Love

Decan Canter, a senior enforcer was asked by Faction Leader Reynolds to protect his daughter as she traveled to the Central Zone to update their security systems/database.

Nisa Reynolds was planning on making the trip to the Central Zone to take care of the security system but to also show her father that she would be the most logical person to take the Central Faction Leader position.

Decan and Nisa appear to clash from the start and it is clear that they are clashing for multiple reasons. One is that they both want the same position but the other most important reason is that they have an undeniable attraction to one another. Funny thing is that they both have ulterior motives and both are on a path of destruction that could possibly cost them their lives.

Ms. Arthur has done her usual and presented very flushed out likable characters with enough intrigue and present day situations that would make you believe that this story-line is reality.

If you don’t get this book, you are missing out on something better than good. Although this is considered a stand alone, reading the back story of this series is a definite must. Happy reading.


Customer Service Please

I recently took a trip and unfortunately booked through Hotwire.

I will say that it was partly my fault because I didn’t understand that booking through them would get me little more than a seat ( thats why reading is fundamental).  I was ok with paying for my luggage but to be told that I could only bring one personal item on the plane to store under the seat ONLY (couldn’t store overhead) kind of blew my mind.  It is called Basic Fare and BASIC it is.  I consider myself lucky to have gotten a free drink on the plane.

I digress.  I had a connecting flight (American Airlines) and transferred in Charlotte, NC where there were two gentlemen in front of me.  The agent proceeded to announce in her loud speaker tone, that the first one had a basic only ticket and that his carry-on would not fit under the seat.  Sent him to the side to pay $50 for his bag.

The next gentleman stepped up and again she loud talked him and said “here’s another one” she told him that he could only take one bag.  He had a paper bag with his camera in it.  A gentleman behind me asked if it would fit in his bag and she shouted you cant put anyone else stuff in your bag! (I didn’t understand because he had gone through security, so what was her problem with him helping someone out?).  She sent him to the side for his $50 lol.

Then came me…She said you have…I cut her off and said “I just got off of a plane and this bag fits under the seat, and this other bag is just food” she said oh, you dont have a purse.  If I had a purse was she seriously gonna try to charge me $50?  I pray when I get on and off of planes, that encounter called for another prayer.  I had to ask Jesus to take the wheel because she was more than a notion.

I am calling out this agent and giving her the Loser sticker for the week. Customer is the key word in Customer Service.  If you are giving it to me for free, maybe I could ignore, but I will Not pay for bad service.

El's Corner

What a Day!

Today has been a day to say the least.
I headed 45 minutes to shop and when I get there, I realize that I left my purse at home. OH My freaking Goodness!
I called my son and he met me with my purse, but before he got there I discovered the most interesting place. I parked beside a convenience store while I waited. First a man in a light blue truck pulls up on my left. He pulls in at an angle and when I look he smiles. I smile back and realized that his smile wasn’t normal. I quickly turned because this man’s smile was not for me but for pleasure because he was relieving himself alongside his truck. (how nasty). Next encounter was when this woman pulled up next to me. I look at her and she looks at me, I turn back, but when I glance again she was staring like she was waiting for me. Why did I feel like she expected me to be her dealer, (Was it my Suv? the I love NY hat or my cute complexion?) Either way, I said deuces and rolled out of the twilight zone.
Moral of this story: My life could be its own show and CRAZY PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE. Beware! LOL