El's Corner

What a Day!

Today has been a day to say the least.
I headed 45 minutes to shop and when I get there, I realize that I left my purse at home. OH My freaking Goodness!
I called my son and he met me with my purse, but before he got there I discovered the most interesting place. I parked beside a convenience store while I waited. First a man in a light blue truck pulls up on my left. He pulls in at an angle and when I look he smiles. I smile back and realized that his smile wasn’t normal. I quickly turned because this man’s smile was not for me but for pleasure because he was relieving himself alongside his truck. (how nasty). Next encounter was when this woman pulled up next to me. I look at her and she looks at me, I turn back, but when I glance again she was staring like she was waiting for me. Why did I feel like she expected me to be her dealer, (Was it my Suv? the I love NY hat or my cute complexion?) Either way, I said deuces and rolled out of the twilight zone.
Moral of this story: My life could be its own show and CRAZY PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE. Beware! LOL