Book Reviews

A New Generation of Love

Decan Canter, a senior enforcer was asked by Faction Leader Reynolds to protect his daughter as she traveled to the Central Zone to update their security systems/database.

Nisa Reynolds was planning on making the trip to the Central Zone to take care of the security system but to also show her father that she would be the most logical person to take the Central Faction Leader position.

Decan and Nisa appear to clash from the start and it is clear that they are clashing for multiple reasons. One is that they both want the same position but the other most important reason is that they have an undeniable attraction to one another. Funny thing is that they both have ulterior motives and both are on a path of destruction that could possibly cost them their lives.

Ms. Arthur has done her usual and presented very flushed out likable characters with enough intrigue and present day situations that would make you believe that this story-line is reality.

If you don’t get this book, you are missing out on something better than good. Although this is considered a stand alone, reading the back story of this series is a definite must. Happy reading.